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We strive to make the process from application to hire as easy as possible.

 If you recognize yourself in one of our role profiles, we invite you to submit your resume.

  • After receiving your resume, we will do a quick scan whether your profile is interesting to our clients. We may also ask to provide your resume data in our Althius resume format;
  • After a positive evaluation of your resume, we will schedule an online interview with you and one of our specialists relevant to the role you aspire;
  • Assuming a mutual fit, we look forward representing you to our Dutch clients and will search actively for a match;
  • Before we offer your resume to our clients, we will contact you to verify your availability and get your approval;
  • When our client is interested, we will again schedule an online interview between you and the client;
  • Once the client and you have agreed, we will start your transition to the Netherlands and make all the necessary arrangements.

Are you interested so start a new professional life in the Netherlands with Althius? We invite you to Connect to Grow!