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For Althius, your health comes first! In these challenging times, we work according to the guidelines of the RIVM (Dutch health authorities) and we ask our employees and clients to follow these guidelines. But what does this mean for opportunities?

The recruitment process will be entirely online. If a client is interested, you will do an online intake via a video conferencing tool like Teams or Zoom. Most (if not all) assignments expect our candidates to work onsite in the Netherlands.

Should the candidate come from an 'orange' region (this is determined by the Dutch State Department of Foreign Affairs), travel is possible but our candidate will be required to go into a two-week quarantine. As we provide housing for our candidates, they will need to stay there and we will take care of groceries, etc. so they do not need to leave the house. It is up to the client if work can already start from home - or that our candidate needs to 'wait out' the 10-day period. It may also be possible that our client is comfortable with the candidate starting from abroad (circumventing the need for travel and quarantine measures). 

In any case we will never force travel on our candidates if they do not feel comfortable. We will always work with our candidates to ensure the necessary measures are as comfortable as possible. Should our candidate be located in a 'red' region, we will respect the RIVM-restrictions and no travel will be possible.

Althius is committed to provide safe opportunities to both our clients and candidates - to grow together!

About the author


Ton van de Sande is one of the Managing Partners of Althius. He enjoys providing opportunities for higher educated people. As a register accountant and a former Dutch IRS employee he can support you with financial matters and your tax return in the Netherlands. To Ton, 'Connect to Grow' means that we can provide you with an excellent job and that you can continously develop yourself to become the best professional you can be.