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Our new website is the first showcase of our corporate identity. Our corporate image is the dandelion's fluffy seadhead: this stands for fertility and growth. New seeds are blown into the world - and are ready to grow! The asterisk in our logo is an abstract image of the dandelion - converging arrows reflect the connecting - and the pointing arrow upwards emphasizes growth. We invite you to Connect to Grow!

We started the Althius Journey in 2020: a new recruitment job agency located in the Eindhoven region specializing in Finance, Engineering, Information Technology and Healthcare jobs. Our mission: connecting the best employers from Noord-Brabant with our network of motivated higher educated talents from Portugal, Spain and Italy.

Our corporate image reflects our ambitions: connecting talents with job opportunities, enabling both employees and clients to grow. Our slogan 'Connect to Grow' reflects this ambition. Althius relates to the latin word 'altius', meaning high - a reference to the higher education of our talents.

About the author


Jacques Dunselman has been working in the IT Industry for over 25 years and has managed dozens of international high-profile projects and programs. As Chief Technology Officer for Althius he brings his experience to ensure the optimal match between the vacancies of our clients and the expertise and experience of our candidates.